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Doggy Pally - AboutWanda Campos

I started walking dogs and looking after pets in London since 2018 and established Doggy Pally LTD in 2021.

I have more than 10 years experience walking dogs and as a pet sitter. I have pet first aid certificate, dog walking & pet sitting certificate too. I'm always learning about dog training and animal behaviour.

I am really a pet lover!

Doggy Pally - Our Team


Doggy Pally - Our TeamRae Wilkinson

I have taken care of animals all my life, with 10 + years of experience. I am confident in giving your pet the best care possible.

I have worked with a variety of dogs breeds, large and small. I have my own dog, who is a lurcher and I have a cat too, they are my family so I know just how important your pets are to you.

I am caring, loving and will keep your dog safe and happy!

Doggy Pally - Our Team


Doggy Pally - Our TeamAlexandra Amiri

I have grown up around many different dogs and I have extensive experience of providing exceptional animal care.

I have experience in dog walking, dog and cat sitting, as well as feeding, cleaning and maintaining various pets.

I love animals and passionate about animal care!

Doggy Pally - Our Team


Doggy Pally - Our TeamSimon Isa

I am Simon, I have extensive experience as a dog walker, and looking after my own dog.

Recently I said "goodbye" to my beloved West Highland Terrier, Beau, we spent nearly 16 years together.

I absolutely love dogs! I'm fascinated by them!

Doggy Pally - Our Team

Doggy Pally - Our Team
Natasha R. Oldham

I am a 31 year old Marketing and PR Professional, but my passion is caring and loving dogs.

My family and I have raised and adopted dogs my entire life. I have over 6 years experience with our English Toy Terrier Otis, including extensive training when he was a puppy.

I learnt about dog training and dog psychology from a professional dog trainer and handler, so I feel confident I can help with any training required for your precious pup(s).

Caring for dogs is my true passion in life and I love nothing more than going on long dog walks.

Doggy Pally - Our Team

Doggy Pally - Our Team
Sasha L. Matthews

My name is Sasha Leigh Matthews and I'm 20 years old.

I have always had a passion for being around animals and looking after them since I was in primary school. My family and friends have always known me to be an animal lover, so they were not surprised when they had found out this was the Industry I chose.

I always knew taking care and looking after our furry friends was what I wanted to do in my life. My passion is making sure all animals are happy, fulfilled and their needs are met under the Animal Welfare Act.

When I was 17 in 2020 I decided to get myself into the Pet care world and started with Dog Grooming.

Doggy Pally - Our Team

Doggy Pally - Our Team
Amanda Yan

My name is Amanda, I'm an Aussie residing in Hackney.

I have over 2 years experience in dog walking / sitting ranging from short walks, hanging out at home, day trips to the countryside to multi-day overnight stays. I love a cuddle as well as getting my steps up outdoors making me the perfect companion for your pup!

Doggy Pally - Our Team

Doggy Pally - Our Team
Danuska Malabrigo

My name is Danuska, I’m currently a zoology student and my biggest passion are animals.

I’ve always owned pets since I was little, from tarantulas, to geckos, snakes, cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, Guinea pigs etc..

I have experience with big and small dogs, as I’ve owned an American Akita, an Xl Bully, a Cocker Spaniel, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Maltese.

I currently also own 2 cats, which are a Bombay cat and a Mainecoon mix, so my experience with cats is great as well.

I currently own a Maltese, 2 cats, a rabbit, a crested gecko, a tortoise, a jumping spider and a lovely bird.