Meet our team

Doggy Pally - AboutWanda Campos

I started walking and looking after dogs in London since 2018.

I have extensive experience with dogs and puppies, I have more than 10 years experience taking care of pets. I have dog walking & pet sitting certificate, pet first aid certificate and always learning about dog training.

I am really a dog lover!
Doggy Pally - Kade Felix

Kade Felix

I'm Kade, I have cared for dogs across my whole life, and I have a real love for them!
I have worked with dogs of all size, from the large husky to the yorkshire terrier. I am passionate about helping both, owners and pets.
Doggy Pally - Nabeela
Nabeela Chowdhury

Aspiring Vet! I have previously worked in the veterinary industry as well as on farms for a number of years, so I am very well equipped with handling dogs of many sizes, ages and health conditions, so you can be sure your doggo is in safe hands!
Doggy Pally - Our Team Noemi
Noemi Santoruvo

I’m 27 years old and I have been working in the animal sector for 5 years. I started studying veterinary in Italy, completing various internships in my university as a veterinary assistant and I was in charge of the aftercare of dogs and cats.

When I arrived in london, I started working as a dog sitter for various companies. I had a dog in Italy, I grow up with him. I have dealt with dogs of all breeds and all temperaments. I have a degree in dog training and Im currently graduating in biology, but most of all, I’m driven by passion and love.

I respect, appreciate and love dogs!